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India is one of the largest mobile users all over the world company like Samsung, Nokia, Apple are been more sold brand India. But the top mobile company India like Micromax, Lava, I ball has now started with some of the best Phones. The Indian market Scenario has been totally changed. There are many companies in India who are doing there the market since the Chinese Brand enters the market with low price smartphones the demand for Indian brand has been low. Chinese Phones like Mi, Oppo, real me has totally captured the Indian market.

If you are here for a top smartphone company in India then you are in the right place. In this content, we are going to mention some of the best companies in India. I will make sure by the end of this article you will be having a maximum knowledge of it.

Below we have mentioned some of the top mobile company India.

  1. MicromaxImage result for micromax mobile

Micromax is one of the best smartphones company in India which have some of the best phone and also the best marketing in India. this Company has been located in Gurgaon Haryana. Micromax manufactures mobile and tablets and also data cards and LED tv. It is one of the best and largest mobile company India which also have their office in Hong Kong and Dubai.

  1. I-ball

I-ball is one of the most popular technologies and electronic companies with a headquartered located ION Mumbai, Maharashtra.  This company develops smartphones, tablets. It is also a topmost Indian company and manufacturer of smartphones. The tagline of IBALL is -your eyeball view.

  1. Index

The index is an India company which manufacture tables, televisions, and many electronics manufacturer the headquarter in New Delhi. Index Aqua is one of the best smartphones which has been created by Index with an Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

  1. Karbonn MobileImage result for Karbonn Mobile

Karbonn Mobile Is an Indian company that headquarters in Bangalore and Noida. It is one of the best leading companies in the category of smartphones.

The above content is all about top mobile company India. I hope we got an answer to your Question and if yes then make sure you have given your feedback and thank you for reading.

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