Tips and tricks iPhone owner should know about

We highly suggest that you familiarize yourself first very well with all our 15 handy tips by watching this fantastic and unique hands-on video walkthrough by Harris’s, which we have embedded in the post right below. Once you see that, you can read each tip’s description further below in order to understand the working of the trick and tip.

Detailed overview:

The video covers the following iPhone tips and tricks:

1. Move multiple apps at once

Our first trick is “Move multiple apps at once”. This app helps you in organizing apps directly on your Home screen. Using the latest update in iOS 11, now you can move multiple icons all at once. First you will have to enter iOS’s jiggle mode by tapping and holding on an icon. Next you will have to move the icon slightly so that the “x” in its top-left corner vanishes quickly. Finally, you will have to tap on other app icons to add them to your final selection and move them to a new position.

What you will find funny is that Android users have had this useful feature for so many years and hence, it’s a relief to know that Apple has included it now in the iOS.

2. Make the screen significantly dimmer

Our second tip for you is to help you “Make the screen significantly dimmer”. One of the biggest issues in an iPhone is the screen’s lowest possible brightness that is always too bright for any one’s eyes in a dark environment. All you need to do is Go to Settings → Accessibility → Zoom → Zoom Filter → Low Light. Hence with a simple triple-press of the Side/Power button, you can now easily switch between the normal and dimmed appearance.

For those who don’t know how to get quick triple-press access, please remember to include the Low Light filter in the accessibility shortcut menu under Settings → Accessibility → Accessibly Shortcut.

3. Memoji/Animoji reactions in Messages

Our third trick for you is “Memoji/Animoji reactions in Messages”. Since iOS 10, anyone can tap and hold a chat bubble in Messages to send a Tapback reaction. But after iOS 12 released, you can use your own Memoji or Animoji as a reaction. All you have to do is simply select an Animoji or Memoji in Messages. Next step would involve you in making a facial expression that you want. Finally, you will drag the character and drop it on a message bubble.

It is so similar to how we can tap and hold a sticker in Messages to peel it since you’re allowed to strike a pose before dropping your Animoji/Memoji on a bubble.

Memoji/Animoji reactions in Messages

4. Swipe-to-delete in Calculator

Our fourth tip is “Swipe to delete in calculator”. For anyone who has used Apple’s Calculator app, you all know how frustrating it can be when you can accidentally hit one wrong key, and the whole calculation gets disrupted. With this tip you can now delete the last typed digit and swipe from right to left to the results section. You can do this multiple times to undo your last steps.

Swipe-to-delete in Calculator

5. Custom text alerts

Our fifth trick is “Custom text alerts”. Her you can create custom text tones and ring alters for people in your Contacts list. With this trick, you can understand whose ringing or texting you without looking at your iPhone.

You can set custom vibrations to know who’s texting or calling, which is really cool and saves a lot of your valuable time.

Custom text alerts

6. Turn your iPhone into a loupe

Our sixth entry is “Turn your iPhone into a loupe.” This trick helps you in reading a small text like prescriptions or product specifications via the use of a Magnifier. It’s not the same as zoom in the Camera app. Magnifier applies various optimizations so you can take a closer look at things that can be too small to see in regular times.

There’s a slider bar for adjusting the zoom and buttons to toggle the LED flash, lock the focus, and access the filters. You can adjust the exposure and saturation separately.

To enable or disable this feature, go to General → Accessibility → Magnifier.

Turn your iPhone into a loupe

7. Location sharing via Quick Type keyboard

Next up is “Location sharing via Quick Type keyboard”. In iOS 10 or the newest ones, a single tap on the Quick Type keyboard in Messages will allow you to send your current location to the person you’re chatting with. If Siri determines that the recipient is asking where you are and you start typing “I’m at”, you will see a Current Location button. When you tap it you can send your exact location.

If any person is asking for your phone number or email address Siri can put the right info above the Quick Type keyboard that you can send with a tap.

Location sharing via Quick Type keyboard

8. Quiet notification delivery

Next up is “Quiet notification delivery.” With the new iOS 12, Instant Tuning allows you to manage all notification deliveries. Press notification on the Lock screen or slide over and tap “Manage.” This will display a new menu on the Lock screen with appropriate options like “Deliver Quietly“.

Later, when you get nudged by notification you don’t want to see, just press and select this option. Then every notification from that app will be delivered silently to your Notification Center without popping up on the Lock screen.

Quiet notification delivery

9. Notification settings shortcut

Next up is “Notification settings shortcut.” Here you have to press a notification banner, tap the Settings button to quickly jump to the notification screen for that app in Settings. This helps you save quite a few taps in the process and a lot of time.

10. Lyric search

Next we have Lyric Search. Here you can type lyrics into the search field in the Music app or iTunes, and it will search that song for you if it can recognize it.

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