Best App For Weight Tracking

With food being easily available and all those low price tasty snacks, it is very easy for anyone to put on extra weight. If you are wondering if there exists a weight tracking App to track your weight? the answer is Yes!. The next question on your mind will be, how do I know which App to use with so many weight tracking Apps in the market?. To give you an answer and a solution for the above questions as well as your health, here are a few suggestions for the best app for weight tracking.

Mi fit

The Mi fit Apps provides you with few intuitive features and hence is recommended here. The App allows you to set two goals, activities you do and your present weight. This App is compatible with the Mi band which is also a smart activity tracker. Mi band makes the process of entering your steps and activities performed obsolete. When you do your workout wearing the Mi band, the data is automatically recorded in the app and generates results.

Fat Secret

This App provides you with details about your dietary habits and weight. To use their services, log in to the app is necessary. After logging in, you will be able to maintain a diary that records your calorie intakes. The app also acts like a social media homepage where you will be able to see others diet and like or comment on their progress. Exclusive Features of this App makes it one of the best app for weight tracking is that it provides diet goals, weight goals and exercise goals.


This is a popular weight tracking App. Apart from tracking your weight it also records your calorie intake and expenditure. You also get to enjoy the features of a nutrient tracker that tracks your intake of protein, carbs, and fats each day and shows results weekly. You can connect on social media with this App and stay updated with all the activities online. This way you also can encourage friends to complete fitness goals with you.


The aktiBMI App is on the top of the list that tracks your weight and BMI using the data you enter. When you feed your weight details to the App it provides you with further details on how to lose your weight. The initial step after login is to enter the details of your height, weight, DOB and gender. The inbuilt BMI calculator provides status on your current health. And it is very easy to add details.

There are many best app for weight tracking for you to choose from. You can select the ones that are suitable for your needs. Download one of them today to stay fit and maintain good health in no time.

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